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Another Tip on Being Happy

Sometimes you've just gotta grab life by the doorframe.. and then pull yourself up and hang. (Both figuratively and literally.)

sparx hanging from the doorframe

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Mindless YouTubing

I want to thank spudart for inspiring me to waste a good chunk of time on youtube watching the intro for the cartoon DuckTales. What started as a quick search to remember whether the lyrics in the theme song contained "wheee oooh" or "woooo oooh" (it's the second one) quickly took a turn for the worst when I noticed that there were versions of the intro in several different languages.

Here are my two favorites:

Arabic DuckTales Intro – The "wooo oooh" part sounds like they're saying something about a papaya

Finnish Ducktales Intro – about 16 seconds in, it sounds like they say "your arms are broken!"

Also, if you're looking to kill some time, I'd suggest searching youtube for either "robot dance" or "talking cat".. both have some pretty entertaining videos that come up. Things like Chessie – The Real Live Talking Cat.

Alright. It's Labor Day, go do some fun stuff!

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Saturday's Speedlolcating – 9/01/07

Otters holding hands

And a CBC news story about them.



And a bunch of pictures of Roxie the Labrador Retriever (beware of super-cute sad eyes!)

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A Lightsaber in Orbit? I dare you to pull off a more ridiculous publicity stunt!

I found this article via slashdot today and my mouth kind of opened in awe. NASA is going to put a lightsaber into orbit.

From the article:

Stowed on-board the orbiter, in addition to a new module for the international space station, will be the original prop lightsaber used by actor Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the 1977 film "Star Wars". The laser-like Jedi weapon is being flown to the orbiting outpost and back in honor of the 30th anniversary of director George Lucas' franchise.

I mean, at least fly up something useful.. like a droid. R2-D2 is going to be a lot more useful if something goes wrong than a lightsaber. Right?

It almost reminds me of the upcoming Pepsi Purple debacle.

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Saturday's Speedlolcating – 8/25/07

Puppy whistling – this is just too cute to not share




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Another Saturday

No lolcats today.. but still cute

Capers the otter (click the picture to go to the youtube video)

And the panda-puppy 🙂


She's back!

We've had what I'll call a love/hate relationship.. but she's back, and I'm glad. We had a long talk, and she's had a few adjustments made, so I think things will work out this time. Hopefully she doesn't flood my apartment again. Here we are, me and my dishwasher, reunited at last:
the dishwasher