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So, we've reached the final chapter in my attempt to transfer my cell phone service from US Cellular to Sprint. Everything is finally all ironed out, and I'm happy. The story ends well, and hopefully I won't have to write a sequel.

Over the past few days I've spent more time on the phone with customer service representatives than I probably have during my entire life combined. And I realized something – while it may be easier to understand the people who are actually residing in this country, it seems like everyone that I spoke with that had an Indian accent was much friendlier and more willing to help.

Yesterday a customer service representative *called me* to tell me that she was going to initiate the transfer of my number, and explained everything that I should expect once that process started. She had a good ol' mid-western accent, and she was probably the most helpful person I've talked to yet, but she was the exception. The other two "american" sounding reps had this tone to them as if I was horribly inconveniencing them by trying to fix a problem with my new service. One of them sounded like her tongue was too big for her mouth and there was a clicking noise as she spoke, not line noise, her tongue was pierced – of that I'm certain.

I don't think it's Sprint that has poor customer service, I think it's the United States. The US culture breeds drones that are unfit to deal with customers. And that's my less-than-coherent rant for the day.

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  1. Kate said,

    it's true…we americans have this attitude when it comes to helping people. there's a laziness and an i-don't-care attitude that pervades american society. of course, not everyone is like this, but it does seem a majority of people act rudely and expect a hand out, like it's all about "me" in this age of celebrities and instant gratification. and it doesn't help our perception oversees with other nationalities who are put off by our demanding attitudes and our selfishness. i'm glad everything went smoothly with your phone plan transfer…it is an awesome phone 🙂

    October 2, 2007 @ 8:48 am

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