Electronics Fun

I've been meaning to combine my interest in programming with electronics for some time now.

By the end of the week I should be getting an Arduino and some generic components in the mail. An Arduino is basically a microchip, programming board, and breakout board all in one package. This will allow me to write programs that interface with real-world components (motors, leds, various sensors, relays.. almost anything with wires).

My first planned project: a virtual sunrise alarm – a simple device that uses LEDs to simulate the colors of a sunrise/sunset, and control a motor that will open my blinds at a predetermined time. Using this, along with a custom set of blinds, will allow me to keep my room almost pitch black during the night, while still allowing me to wake up naturally with the sun. I figure this is a lot less jarring than a buzzer or radio turning on to wake me up. And if I don't work until later in the day, just by changing the alarm time I can make the sun rise later in the day. 😉

How's that for geeky?

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