I Need To Stop Sleeping

Last night I had a bizarre set of dreams, but one of the dreams stands out more than the others.

I don't remember where I was, or what I was doing, but I found two things that looked like drink coasters. One of them was plain and nondescript while the other was shiny-black and looked to have some sort of battery pack on it. Through the bizarre act of placing a glass of water on the coasters I discovered that the plain coaster turned water into the most perfect Pilsner beer ever, the black battery powered beast turned water into pomegranate juice – don't ask, it was a dream (it also produced a white powder under the glass and kept tipping glasses of pomegranate juice over).

And no one cared. I had these bizarre, magical coasters, and no one seemed to think they were anything out of the ordinary.

And then I was bitten by a cobra snake in my kitchen.

I woke up and had to look under my bed for snakes.

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