Saturday, September 20th. I'm officially supposed to sing at this Red Cross fundraiser festival thing. Thingy.

It's going on from noon until mid-night (I think), it's for a good cause, and it's going to rock… and I'm going to be there singing. It's going on just south of Whitewater, WI – about 20 minutes from where I'm currently living (actually, it might be considered part of Whitewater, it's surrounded by cornfields and I forget what the official township name is).

I might be able to house a few people for the night, and I'm probably going to be hosting (or at least co-hosting) an after party, so I encourage everyone to mark it off on their calendar and make the drive.

Did I mention that I'm singing? I know a few of you have expressed an interest in witnessing that – this is your chance.

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