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I just deleted 128 spam comments from this blog that you're currently reading (why are you doing that?) 128! I had made a few changes weeks ago and went down from an average of 30-40/day to less than 10. And now I suddenly get slammed with 128 overnight. I've got one more trick up my sleave to cut the number of spam comments down substantially, but I'm too lazy to code it up and implement it right now. Actually, I'm too busy ( I get those confused sometimes) – I'm doing quite a bit of (paid) web development right now.

Other than my brief freak-out about the number of spam comments, not much going on right now. I'm doing a bit more singing now, which made for an awesome Saturday night. It's incredible when you get done singing and people demand that you go back up. It's also fun to get tired of a song halfway through, turn to my guitar player, and say (into the microphone) "I don't want to sing this one anymore.. let's just stop."

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