Need Dinner Ideas?

How many times have you wandered repeatedly from the cupboard to the refrigerator trying to figure out what you could possibly make that at least resembled food? How many times have you gotten past that, only to realize that you're missing 2 key ingredients for whatever dish it is that you just got your hopes up about?

I just found (what appears to be) a great website –

It's simple, just enter in all the miscellaneous food items that you find lying around your kitchen, and Recipe Matcher will return a list of foods that you can make. It even shows a "status bar"-like indicator next to the recipes that shows how many of the ingredients you have – so you don't get all excited only to find that you're missing half of the things the recipe calls for.

If you're drawing a blank and need some meal ideas, Recipe Matcher is definitely a useful website.

Someone just needs to remake this thing and include nutritional information, and approximate cost per serving. I would love to be able to sort by both of those and come up with a list of the cheapest and healthiest meals that I could make. Or.. maybe I should just make that. 😉 It also wouldn't hurt to list the time it takes to make a recipe. Combine all those and I think I've just described a killer web-app.

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