Ron Paul for President, Toys from China and Facebook Secrets

I'm not a republican.. never considered any republican candidate appealing.. and never thought I would. But I continue to be impressed by Ron Paul. His views are radical compared to the rest of the republican party, and strike are relatively harmonic with my own. And, here's the kicker, you can tell that he's in the election because he thinks he can make a difference for the better, not because he wants people to call him "Mr. President." If you have some time, I'd suggest searching for him on youtube and checking out some of his debate footage. Ron Paul 2008 / Ron Paul (wikipedia article)

China promises safe toys for Christmas. It's about time.. I need to get a new handbag accessory for my barbie.. I mean.. umm, I need more Hot Wheels cars.. and do NOT want to get lead poisoning (I've got a mug that'll do that job for me already.)

Also, some of you may or may not have heard something about me starting an incredibly ridiculous new facebook app. This may or may not be true. Ok.. it is. But it's still in the pre-planning "we haven't done anything yet" stage, which means the idea could completely vanish as if it never existed. But we'll see. Or rather we MAY OR MAY NOT see. Maybe. Enough uncertainty?


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