Sunday Updates

This post is more of a warning than anything else.. I've spent the morning working on a new theme for this blog. It's not live yet, but I hope to have it up later today. (If the page has a light-blue background rather than a dark-grey one, then it's up right now 🙂 )

For the most part, it's just cosmetic. Some things have moved a little, but nothing major. I tried to create something that was easier on the eyes, and I (mostly) like what I've come up with. It's much brighter, and much softer.

BUT, like everything else, it needs some testing, and it will need some kinks worked out. I can only test it in Firefox and IE 7 here at home, and in both of those browsers it looks fine. If something looks horribly off with your browser/OS configuration, please take a screenshot and comment on here.

Things might be a bit sketchy for the next few days, but bear with me please. 🙂

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