Remember The Post About The Indiana Jones Fedora?

I think that's my longest blog post title ever.

Anyway, I really like that fedora, so much that if I found one that looked like it (and was $70 cheaper) I would buy it. But that brings up a few issues.

How would I avoid being "that weird guy that wears a fedora presumably to stand out and be noticed as the guy with the fedora"? It's one thing to wear a baseball hat around in public, another to wear a winter-ish hat around (especially during the summer), but a fedora? I can't really see myself making it work.

Also, hat hair. Assuming that the first issue was a non-issue, I can't wear a hat everywhere. At some point I would have to take it off, and at that point my hair would look like I had been wearing a hat all day. I guess I could get my hair cut even shorter.. that might solve that.

Most importantly though, wearing a hat like that almost requires that you fight bad guys and search for treasure. I'm not really sure I want to engage in such activities though. Usually such adventures end with getting the girl (which I already have. yay!) and cliffhangers leading to the next adventure – which just seems unnecessary. But, just in case, please refer me to any bad guys or ancient hidden treasures that you may know of.


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