Airsoft Guns

I've had an airsoft gun for a few years (bought it at wal-mart on a whim – it's a cheap one). My current living situation makes it difficult to actually use the darn thing, it's clear and blue plastic – but if I went outside and started shooting it, someone would call the cops, I'm sure.
*sigh* I used to be able to just go out into my backyard with it.. good fun.

This weekend my uncle gave my grandpa 2 replica Luger pistols, one is non-functioning, and the other is an airsoft gun. I was pretty impressed by them.

One of my brothers, also interested in airsoft and paintball, gave me the idea to start an airsoft gun store type site, with links to all kinds of airsoft guns for sale on eBay.. so I did. It's barely started right now, with like 3-4 pages of items, but I'll add to it quickly.

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