Oh, How I Miss You!

Rocking.. I always forget how much I enjoy it.

It's been quite some time since I've done anything musically, and for some reason I'm always reluctant to jump back in after any sort of extended hiatus. I guess it mainly has to do with my incredible knack for being way too insecure – it doesn't matter how many people come up and say "Wow! You were really good!" or "That was awesome!" – part of me is convinced that compliments are given out of pity. Ridiculous, yes; hard to get over, definitely.

This Saturday I went out with one of Madison, WI's top 10 rock bands, Guppy Effect, and had more fun in one night than I've seen in a long time. There was talk of me guest singing on one song, which I fully planned to do. We didn't get around to that song until the end of the night, but that was fine with me.. because I ended up doing another 3-4 songs earlier in the night. During the first break, the guitarist mysteriously vanished, so I got to open up the second set to a pretty receptive crowd. I stepped up to the mic, stage fright set it, and I did my part to create some serious ear-candy.

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