Google Wave Invites

Tired of just hearing the hype about Google Wave and want to see what it's all about?

I'm giving away five (5) invitations to Google Wave to random commenters on this post.

Want a chance at one? Just scroll down to the comment section on this post, say something awesome, and you're good to go.

On Monday, November 30th, I will randomly choose five of the commenters and enter their email addresses in for shiny new invitations from Google (make sure you enter your real email address in the comment form, as that's the address I'll be giving to Google.) I will post the name of the winners here in the comments, and also as a new post.

Google says that the invites aren't immediate, so I can't guarantee when the winners will actually receive them.

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Force Add-ons To Work With Firefox 3 Beta

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If you're one of the many people that are tired of the memory leaks and sluggishness of Firefox 2, you may have already started using the beta version of Firefox 3.

The previous beta releases have each introduced their own quirks, mostly odd javascript errors, but it seems like these have (mostly) been ironed out. The only problem that I've run into with the newest beta is compatibility with extensions written for Firefox 2. In the past, I've forced add-ons to work by unzipping the installer, and modifying the "maximum version" setting, whatever it's called – but this is quite a bit of hassle, especially if you rely on several add-ons.

But there's an easier way: Nightly Tester Tools. Nightly Tester Tools is an add-on designed for users running beta/nightly releases of Firefox. Most of its features mean nothing to me right now, the important one is the ability to override the version restrictions for add-ons. So far I've been able to reinstall all my old add-ons without any problems, and without any hassle.

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