Why I Don't Like Bing

One of the most interesting parts of having a blog (besides when people leave great comments) is being able to look at the traffic statistics and see how people are finding my posts. I don't really get a lot of traffic here, which I think adds to the interest.

Google, yahoo, and most other webcrawlers identify themselves in a way that makes them easy to ignore in the stats. But Bing… well, Bing is a little bitch. Bing will make itself out to look like a legitimate user, and tell me that the hit came from a search on Bing. For instance, right now I'm looking at a line that says someone using IE6, on a Windows XP machine, with the IP, came to one of my posts from a search on bing.com for "remember". It's kind of frustrating – the page it hit is not even in the top 10,000 results for a search for "remember".

And guess who owns the IP address that the hit came from? Microsoft. Microsoft is falsifying page-referrer headers to make it look like I'm getting traffic from bing.

Another boycott? Hardly. Bing doesn't do anything better than Google anyway. So, now I can add "annoying" to the list of bing qualities.. just under "useless".

(also, this is now currently the only google result for "bing is a bitch", let's change that!)

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