Chang Tan the Red Panda! [YouTube Video]

Friday was my birthday (Woooooh! I'm officially old now.) and to celebrate I did what any normal person would do…. I went to the Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI to see Chang Tan the Red Panda! I've posted about Chang Tan before… he's about as awesome as an animal can get.

I took this video of him climbing around in his home. Unfortunately it artifacts quite badly in a few spots.

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Hey sparxMind! It Was Your Birthday!

Oh man! celebrated its 2 year birthday (from the date of the first post) on July 21st, and I totally forgot about it!

Instead, I posted about drinking too much water making you have to pee. A lot – almost proportional to the amount of water drank… I'm still trying to figure this odd connection out.

So anyway… Happy Birthday sparxMind! And don't drink too much water!

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What Is Gopherwood?

Everything you need to know about gopherwood (gopher wood)… and hapax legomenons:

Wait. Are we ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN gophers can't grow on trees?

Also, it's my birthday today. Happy that!

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Little Things

I have to say, I was surprised by the amount of "happy birthday!"s that I got yesterday. Facebook, email, txt, IM, phone.. it definitely helped brighten my day. An old friend waited up just to be first to say it – I was dead tired, but she definitely won, especially considering that no one else (thank god) was playing that game.

Another year down. Which means.. I'm that much closer to being abducted by aliens or some other unplausable thing.

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Happy Birthday.. To Me!

Yep, somehow I've managed to survive another year.

Just once though, I'd like to have a birthday when I wasn't sick or feeling like the world was falling apart. This year isn't that bad.. still congested and achy and with a few more worries than I'd like, but nothing terribly wrong.

I have to be optimistic, otherwise I risk bringing down myself and the people that I care about.

So how bout it? Let's all work towards making the next 365 days the best we can for everyone. That's what I want for my birthday – for you to enjoy your life.

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