Vertical Vacation

I need to use up at least 7 more days of vacation time by the end of the year, otherwise I'll have more than the 40 hours max that I can carry over to 2010. Unfortunately… we're kind of understaffed at the moment (for the next 7 weeks at least), so taking off an entire week, while possible, would be a jerk-face thing to do to all my cow-orkers.

So –
Instead of taking off an entire horizontal calendar week (Mon-Fri) I took off the next 5 Wednesdays (including today. YAY!) While it isn't nearly as good as a real week off, it looks just as good if you turn the calendar sideways. 🙂

It's also kind of nice to know that for the next month+, I won't have to work more than 2 weekdays in a row.

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