Oil Painting

I'll just start out by saying that, for some reason, oil painting completely intimidates me. Maybe it's the idea of anything I create being judged too harshly, or just realizing that I suck at it beyond belief. But in the back of my mind it's always been an interest. My grandparents were both artists, oil painters, so it's not like the concept or the supplies are completely foreign to me – but there's still that fear.

One thing I really enjoy though is watching Bob Ross paint (PBS Create runs his 'The Joy of Painting' TV series, I haven't figured out the schedule yet.) He makes the whole painting process look completely effortless, and it really is a joy to watch. Almost like watching Food Network when you're hungry.

One of these days I'll actually pick up some oil painting supplies and start covering some canvas!

I added a link to water soluble / water mixable oil paints in response to Moose's comment about using mineral spirits to thin oil paints. 🙂

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