Hey Guys! I Seem To Be Getting Bored With Twitter!

Fix it!
Come on!
Do it!

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My Underwear

My underwear is made in Bangladesh.

This post should just end there. 😛 But..

Can you imagine a shipping container, on an epic oceanic voyage, full of boxer shorts? Or better yet, socks. I'm sure they're all boxed up nicely on their trip over to be packaged and sold at a ridiculous markup.. but what if they weren't? Could you imagine being the person that opens up a shipping container only to have an avalanche of thousands of loose socks pour out at you? It'd be like a washing machine exploded.

Maybe that's where lost socks end up – in shipping containers.

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IDEA: Friendly Superheroes

Gradually introduce superhero nicknames for all your friends. Once the names have been somewhat established, change their names in your email addressbook to the superhero nicknames.

After a few weeks of emails they should all be used to this, whether or not they still think you're absolutely insane…

And that is when you send a mass email reminder to all of them about the next meeting of the Justice League.

It works best if you do this for people that don't regularly communicate with each other.

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Increase Your Productivity!

Play some games! (YES! Exclamation marks!)

Chain Factor

Whenever the number on a disc matches
the size of the row or column that
disc is in, it will disappear.

white dwarf

Collect the green circles.
Touch a blue circle to bank points.
Dodge the red circles.


I didn't grab a screenshot of this one, but it's your basic "Tower Defense" type game.

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