If spudart can pull together enough people, and get the logistics figured out before I get there.. I may be participating in this years Chiditarod.

Running around Chicago pulling/pushing a shopping cart seems a little random for even me, but, what the heck. The more ridiculous the better.

Come check it out. 🙂

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My "to do" list is pretty long right now.. or it would be if I didn't keep putting off making the list of things that I'm putting off doing.

The first thing I need to get done? Cleaning my apartment, or rather, cleaning it out. I've got too much junk, and it needs to go. The last two times that I moved I ended up just throwing a lot of stuff away, things that I've held on to for no good reason. It made packing easier, but I still ended up hauling a lot of useless stuff around. By next weekend I plan on having my second bedroom completely sorted into "trash", "sell", and "keep" piles. By the end of March I'll hopefully have only the "keep" stuff, which should be packed and stored in my closet. The same procedure needs to take place in my bedroom.

Right now I'm really big on the idea of becoming a Chicagonaut. I need to scale down my stuff, and scale up my life a bit. I'm currently stuck in a rut where I'm just working to pay off bills, and at the current rate thing like going back to school are pretty much impossible. So, if you have any leads on a decent paying job in the Chicago area for someone with an associate degree in Computer Information Systems (preferably something to do with programming, networking, web design, etc.).. send it my way. It'll make my search much easier.  🙂

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McCain Is Not A Conservative

I really don't want to imagine "President McCain"… please make this nightmare go away!

Anyway, the last few days have been quite interesting – here's a "quick" rundown.


  • "Helped" Kelly pack
  • Slept


  • More packing
  • Waited for the movers (were supposed to be there 10-11ish.. showed up at 2)
  • Rode along to Chicago in rush hour traffic
  • Got to hold an iPass up the the windshield
  • Got stranded at a Walgreens in Chicago when Kelly's car decided to stop cooperating
  • Geico was helpful and found a repair place to take the car to and called a tow truck
  • An hour later Kelly had to call back about the tow truck
  • 10 minutes later the truck showed up
  • Rode around Chicago in a tow truck
  • Heard stories about how great it is to be a tow truck driver
  • Got to the repair place and their was no overnight lot.
  • I had to parallel park a car in Chicago (I can't parallel park very well, but Kelly was watching, so I had to do it, and do it well)
  • The car was running fine by this point, so after eating and booking a hotel room I drove around in Chicago for the first time in.. ever. (I tried to pretend I was a taxi.. I need more practice at it, but I'm off to a good start)
  • Walked around, took pictures, saw the building where spudart work
  • Drank
  • Slept


  • Met the movers and got things moved in
  • Drove to Wisconsin Rapids
  • Slept


  • Ate breakfast with Kelly's family
  • Drove to Stoughton and introduced Kelly to my family people
  • Kelly pet a chicken.. and a pig.. and dogs.. and horses
  • Kelly watched me get choked by a cat, and cause the corgi to run around in circles while growling with a toy in his mouth
  • Drove back to Fort and ate
  • Drove to Whitewater and drank
  • Slept


  • Drove through more crappy weather to drop Kelly off at the train in Harvard
  • Had flashback of really old movies
  • Tried not to cry
  • Drove back to Whitewater and did absolutely nothing
  • Slept

So.. things have been busy. Stressful. It would have been nice if things had gone more smoothly, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

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i'm currently stranded in chicago.

this is the best horrible day of my life. 🙂

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