Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears

You know what's good? Chocolate covered raisins. You know what else is good? Chocolate covered peanuts, strawberries, and lots of other things.

And what's just really awkward? That's right: chocolate covered gummi bears. I don't know who thought this crap up, but I wish they hadn't. It's a waste of chocolate!

I'm slightly-more-than-half tempted to suck the chocolate off of all of these, put them back in the little bowl, and then cross off the "chocolate covered" part on the slip of paper sitting next to them.

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Dark Chocolate

I'll admit it – 99% cocoa dark chocolate is pretty gross. Not just the taste, but the texture as well. It's very similar to what I imagine eating mud would be like.

Between 70 and 80% seems to be the sweet spot for getting a good clean chocolate fix without "eww" ever crossing my mind. I really like the Lindt 85%, but there are times when even that seems a bit more than my tongue wants to deal with.

Also, don't try to wash the taste of almost 100% cocoa out of your mouth using Mt Dew. Not that I just found out that that's about as horrible a taste combination as you can get or anything.. no.

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Coffee and Chocolate

It should have been a snow-day. I should still be in my nice warm bed.. enjoying.. yeah.

It's still blizzarding outside, and it's not supposed to let up for quite some time. Driving is ridiculous, and the city, once again, doesn't seem to have any idea what to do when it snows. I've never lived in a place where the solution was to plow the snow into the center of the road, or build an enormous pile that blocks almost an entire road and then leave it there for several days before loading it into dump trucks and getting it out of the way.

A "snow emergency" was declared today. What, exactly, does that mean? Basically, if you need to go downtown for something, you'd better park on the sidewalk or someone's yard, because if you're on the street you'll probably get towed – or – have a snowplow mercilessly redecorate the exterior of your car.

So I sit here. At work. Drinking coffee and eating 85% and 99% cocoa dark chocolate.

In my head, the roads play music.

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