Why does Subway want to burn me with coffee?

Today, and last week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) I went to Subway (store #3361 in Whitewater, WI) for breakfast. I've mentioned before that I love their breakfast flatbreads. It seems as if Subway wants me to burn myself and spill coffee all over though.

Here's the problem: they're giving out lids that don't fit the cups. They must have run out of the nice black lids that fit, and switched to a cheaper lid that's just a little too big for the cup. Unfortunately, when trying to put on a lid that's just a little too big it feels like it SHOULD be able to go on… until you force it, causing the cup to squeeze and spill coffee – right on your hand.

That first time I just decided to shrug it off, even though the mis-fitting lid allowed the coffee to slosh up out of the cup while pulling into the parking lot at work, spilling coffee in my car. Today I avoided a similar mess by only filling the cup about 3/4 full.

Like I said, the first time I just shrugged it off, but now they've had at least a week to figure this out. The lids don't fit. It's easy. They either don't care about their customers, or they can't figure out that a lid that doesn't fit… doesn't fit. Whether this is an act of incompetence, or a willful disregard for their customers, I will no longer be visiting this, or any other Subway, unless it's somehow made quite obvious that things like this are taken seriously.

Here are a few pictures of the lid –
This first one show how much the lid deforms when attempting to place it on the cup:

This one show the rims of the lid and cup lined up with each other (or rather, not lining up):

This last one is the lid, with a sheet of paper used to measure the cup. The edge of the paper to the blue line is a measure of the inside of the rim, which is quite a bit smaller than the inside rim on the lid:

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I Have To Give Up Coffee?!

Lately I've been feeling sick to my stomach almost every single day. Not "flu-like" sick, but like my stomach wasn't agreeing with something that I was eating. I'm surprised that it took me so long to figure out the cause, because now it seems absolutely obvious – I only felt sick on the days that I drank coffee, and if I had a latte in the afternoon I'd end up feeling sick again later in the day.

So, it seems that for some reason my stomach doesn't agree with coffee anymore. It's not the caffeine, because I can still down cans of Mutton Dew and feel fine. And it's not a specific brand – my stomach seems to react the same way to coffee from Starbucks, McD, the local coffee shop, etc.

It just seems so strange that I'm going to have to stop drinking coffee. At least I can still have tea though. 🙂

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Coffee and Chocolate

It should have been a snow-day. I should still be in my nice warm bed.. enjoying.. yeah.

It's still blizzarding outside, and it's not supposed to let up for quite some time. Driving is ridiculous, and the city, once again, doesn't seem to have any idea what to do when it snows. I've never lived in a place where the solution was to plow the snow into the center of the road, or build an enormous pile that blocks almost an entire road and then leave it there for several days before loading it into dump trucks and getting it out of the way.

A "snow emergency" was declared today. What, exactly, does that mean? Basically, if you need to go downtown for something, you'd better park on the sidewalk or someone's yard, because if you're on the street you'll probably get towed – or – have a snowplow mercilessly redecorate the exterior of your car.

So I sit here. At work. Drinking coffee and eating 85% and 99% cocoa dark chocolate.

In my head, the roads play music.

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