Walgreens is in denial

It's currently -13°F here.
The Walgreens display is telling everyone that it's actually 32°F!

We wish Walgreens. We wish.

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It's Still Pretty Cold

It's spring, which means that I'm being stubborn and trying to get by with wearing a coat as little as possible. For the last few days this has been fine in the afternoon, but in the morning – oh man – it's still a bit nippy out there. I think the freeze/thaw process is helping me start the day off awake and alert though, so there's no complaining from me.

It still makes me smile every morning to see the sunshine hitting the sidewalks. Why? Because there's no snow or ice on the ground to stop the light from hitting its target. And that's what it's really all about. Sunshine and sidewalks. Maybe lightning too.

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If spudart can pull together enough people, and get the logistics figured out before I get there.. I may be participating in this years Chiditarod.

Running around Chicago pulling/pushing a shopping cart seems a little random for even me, but, what the heck. The more ridiculous the better.

Come check it out. 🙂

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