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Hey, I have a reader request. I am a reader. And I have a request. Thus, I have a reader request. Ready? ahem. mememememe. mememememe. Ready?

I want a blog post where I can talk about how many comments I have. And how many you have. I often talk about the number of comments I have on random blog posts. But it would be really nice to have all those comments under one blog post. Then I can always go to that blog post whenever I want to say something like, "wow. i have 771 comments." Then I can go back and relive the memories when I said, "wow, i have 498 comments." Or some other random number.

So… here is that post. If anyone else wants to talk about the comments they've left, or the number, or whatever. Here. This place. I'll even make it easy to remember by giving it the url "sparxmind.com/comments".

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I've always felt like I should contribute more to other blogs by posting comments. Sure, a lot of the time I don't really have anything worth saying, but when has that ever stopped me? +points at entire blog+

I've decided to borrow an idea from spudart and start keeping track of all the comments I post. I think that having something that I can look at and get a quick overview of my comment behavior might encourage me to comment just a bit more.

I'm debating what to do with these. One possibility is to have a post each month containing all comments I've posted from the previous month, or a "best of" if I ever get to the point of having to weed them down.

And to the random interwebbers that may stumble across this post: if you have a blog that you think is worthy 😛 of my comments, post it here in the comments.

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And a link to the comment…. comment # 2,000!