My eBay Account Wasn't Compromised

This weekend eBay locked me out of my account. I received an email requiring me to change my password, verify that everything in my account was still valid, and even change my email password before going through the "lost password" process.

Then eBay wouldn't let me do it.

According to the site, my session had timed out because I had taken too long – even though I completed the form in less than 30 seconds from the time I received the link in my email. It turns out that that error was being caused by the old login credentials that were still stored in the ebay cookies. After I fixed that, all was good – although still frustrating.

So, why did eBay assume that my account was "compromised"? I'm guessing it's because I bid on close to 40 different iPod's in one day. 😛

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