Crocet – That's Not How It's Spelled

There are a few hundred google searches per day for the word "crocet" – and in probably 98% of those searches it's a mispelling.

Here are a few possible corrections for the misspelled "crocet":

  • Crochet – creating fabric using a crochet needle. Similar to knitting.
  • Croquet – a game where mallets are used to hit balls through wirey hoop thingies. (I'm sure spudart can find a link to one [or more] of his croquet posts to put in the comments)
  • Davy Crocket – a celebrated 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician. Disliked the nickname "Davy" and referred to himself as David. I'm sure he would have dislike the nickname "Davy Crocet" or "Davie Crocet" even more though.

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