Thesaurus – quite possibly the lamest dinosaur ever. You can almost imagine a pack of Thesauruses hunting smaller dinosaurs, one says to the other
"This is good food", another says
"Yes, this is a good meal", and then another jumps in (WAAAY too excited) with
"Yes, I am enjoying this blue plate, board, breakfast, brunch, carryout, chow time, chow, collation, cookout, dessert, din-din, dinner, eats, fare, feast, feed, grub, lunch, luncheon, mess, munchies, picnic, potluck, refection, refreshment, regalement, repast, snack, special, spread, square meal, supper, table, tea, together banquet!"

Jeez Thesaurus!

I suddenly have issues looking up similar words using a book whose name could be literally translated to "The Lizard".

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