Check Out The "Humble Indie Bundle" [Games + Charity]

Ever since I first saw a trailer for the game "World of Goo" I've seriously considered buying it. At $20 though… it was slightly outside the range of what I was willing to pay for a PC game.

But, for the next 4 days, it's included (along with 4 other [awesome looking] games) in the "Humble Indie Bundle", which you can currently name your own price on. In addition to that, 100% of the price you choose to pay will be divided between the game developers, and charity (EFF and Childs Play).

Check it out at this link: Humble Indie Bundle

I'm planning on donating $15-20 once I get home.

World of Goo! Here I come!


What Are The "Top" Charities?

I'm trying to figure out the most popular non-profit charities, and I think the best way to get some good input is to pose that question to you guys. I'm hoping for 5-10, but there's no hard limit.

What charities would/do you donate to?

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Send sparx to New Zealand!

Hey America, I know you're tired of having this sparx guy around all the time, so I'm gonna make you a deal: help me pay for the flight to New Zealand, and I'll get out of your hair for awhile.

The flight is expensive. I've been quoted prices of between $1900 and $2500 for round-trip (yes, I'm going to come back), which is a bit more than I can afford at the moment. So.. if you want to help out, just click the Paypal "Donate" link at the very top of the right side-bar thingy (or at the bottom of this post). I'm aiming for $3000, to cover the cost of the flight and some spending money for during the trip.

I figure it's a good investment. It might even generate an incredible story, especially if I manage to do something ridiculous and get exiled from New Zealand (I'd love to see what sort of Passport stamp they use for THAT).

EDIT: Here's a chart that will be updated as I get closer to my goal. I've "donated" $250 to myself for the time being. I'll add more to the pot myself as I can.

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