Really Messed Up Dreams

The past 3 nights I've been having really bizarre and realistic dreams. The kind that cause me to wake up, and there are still "after images" remaining once I wake up. Actual visual hallucinations. So far it's been interesting, waking up, turning on my light, and seeing a room that isn't my room – not just not recognizing where I am, but seeing it as a completely different place. The waking up seems to be associated with a fear of something, although up until last night it never seemed to be connected with anything.

Last night though, I woke up knowing that something had just exploded. I turned on my light and "saw" a huge hole in the side of my room, looking outside.

I actually got up and walked towards the wall a few steps, but reality kicked in when I walked into my dresser – that wasn't there a second ago.

I can't figure out if this is really neat.. or really bad. I guess I'll have to wait and see what tonight brings.

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Dream Critic

I've been having odd dreams lately… again.

Last night wasn't as odd as I've gotten used to, but there's one part of one of the dreams that sticks out in my mind and is directly related to this blog. In the dream, one of my friends pointed out that he enjoys reading sparxMind, but it lacks substance, cohesion, and that it's just me talking about whatever, whenever, and not always making complete sense.

Duh! Duh Dream-Friend! I don't claim to be a topical blog, I don't report about politics, or new electronics, or whatever. I rant about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time. And maybe that keeps me from getting a ton of subscribers, return visitors, commenters, etc. – but who cares? Some of the posts are useful, some are stupid, and some are just blatant grabs at short term traffic (like my previous xkcd related posts that increased traffic by almost 1000 visitors per day for weeks!).

I guess the Dream-Critic was just voicing concerns that had been lurking in the back of my mind, which is why I need to put them to rest publicly (in another rambling post nonetheless!) So… there.

Also, Spudart donated money for my plants! Yay Spudart!

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I Met A Girl

If you recognize that as the first lyric of one of our songs.. then you're probably laughing, or at least smirking a bit.

But really, I did. Unfortunately it was just in a dream.

I've been meaning to post about dreams, not a specific dream, just dreams in general. The only problem is that when I started writing it, it turned into a mess. My thoughts were coming out less coherent than normal, and I just came up with so much stuff that I couldn't seem to cram the thoughts into words. This one will take some work, it might even end up being a few posts/rants to get it all out. Maybe next Monday.

Here's the thing though – very rarely do I remember my dreams. Almost never can I recall specific conversations. And even more rare are the ones that seem so realistic that I have to verify that it was actually a dream and didn't really happen. But last night, in my dream, I met someone that I feel is going to have a profound effect on my life. I can't even describe the bizarreness of that feeling, or how wrong it seems when I think about it, but I really want to just curl back up in bed and continue the chat that I was having last night.

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