Digital blockages

I am currently so backed up with unread email, RSS feeds, everything.
(spudart doesn't like posts that start with "I": tweet 1 / tweet 2)

I half ignore Twitter, and completely ignore Facebook – making me, of all people, almost an outsider in the online world. A world that I was a part of when it was still not-so-cool.

Do you remember dialing into BBSs? Telneting into MUDs? Did you do those things?

Facebook. Blech.

This isn't really a post. It's 2 minutes of me typing complainy-sounding nonsense.

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Hijacked Email

Last night I got to talk to a scammer. Good times.
A friend of mine had his gmail account compromised and used for the "London mugging" scam, where the scammer sends messages to friends and family claiming to have been mugged in a foreign country (I guess London is the typical location) and that they need money wired to get themselves back home.


I was also watching Breaking Bad at the time. Double ha.

Here is the conversation I had with el scammerino:

7:52 PM Brian: Hey
are you there ?
7:55 PM sparx: yes. hi!
Brian: am not too good
sparx: no? what's up?
7:56 PM Brian: I'm stranded in Manila Philippines with my family
got mugged at gun point last night
7:57 PM sparx: manila? i thought you just left for puerto rico last night
Brian: No
I was hit on the head but getting better
all cash,credit card and phone was stolen
7:58 PM sparx: did they take your wheelchair? can you still move around?
7:59 PM Brian: thank God we still have our life and passport safe
8:00 PM sparx: your wheelchair though, do you still have it? do you still have the meth you smuggled in your wheelchair's frame?
Brian: our return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills
i need your help
sparx: if you lost my meth i'll fucking kill you
Brian: yes i need your help
8:02 PM sparx: there's still an hour until the swap. there will be $80,000 in the breifcase. take out what you need to get back, i'll consider it a loan
8:03 PM *briefcase. sorry, can't spell.. got pretty pissed when i thought you lost the product
8:04 PM still there?

The chat status went idle, which is why I tossed in the "still there?" – I was really hoping I would get to play more with my new friend. 🙁

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Google and Trash Diggers

This is straight from Gmail's "Deleting messages" FAQ:

"Deleted messages are a lot like the stuff in the trash can in your kitchen: eventually, it's all going in the big dumpster outside, but for a little while, you can still rummage through it if you lost something important."

….made me laugh

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