PenesamiG – Knock-Off Batteries

I'm a big fan of engrish, and cheap product knock-offs entertain the heck out of me, so when I saw that a pack of really cheap led touch-lights were full of knock-off Panasonic batteries I couldn't resist buying them.

PenesamiG Batteries

Each light contained 3 AAA PenesamiG batteries. The packaging looks almost identical to Panasonic's batteries. The big difference? Besides the fact that these things probably last less than 10% as long as a real battery, the darn things squish and bend if you apply any pressure to the side.

I'm now the proud owner of 18 little fire hazards.

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Merry Christmas – In Engrish

I was curious – what would happen if I used babelfish to translate my "Merry Christmas" post to Japanese and then back into English?

This:  😉

As for that the year when it is long still to try in me. 1. Directly, another movement, never the uniform I had, desire which is begun, as for it is the relationship which re-tries the fact that perhaps with me who fail it improved, with the relationship which I really desire and is broken. When I can float circumstance in such wind, I (only this time me with life) (very) becoming extreme somewhat, it caused and the れ callous me who am ended with respect to the thing which scorns those 1 people of the extent which I really think strongly it was far from the part of the family, was brought up. That my heart – you are wrong and to concentrate it is to be something which it is tend and there is a thing many negativity which I approximately can continue.

But today.

Today it is good, there is a day when you think concerning entirely. What which we lose because certain ones celebrate, there are no we. Appreciation fairness being and is supported there, but in order to show in the friend and the family for a certain thing. In order and, because of me, to make the thing my stomach remember where Thanksgiving Day exactly is warming rise.

So, when I barely obtaining stage fright, I calmness, making in me, when being, when being I, you lending me with me, my vigor in all people who obtain me who their supports which are attached was attached and drink with stage/at bars/in "me for remains ones my handmade pizza which is accompanied it has coffeehouse breakfast which is shared, it increases,", cause chance in me who am given, sing – to I finally blowing that, the other things which endeavor in order to worry and the furniture where is contributed to my apartment. Anyone appreciates -. Are present approximately certain ones. And I stuff by myself of the food of your festival model.

Mary Christmas.