Oh Man! McDonald's One-Third Pound Angus Burgers?!


Do you realize that by introducing a 1/3lb Angus burger, and offering it with cheese and bacon… that I'm going to have to try it?

I try really hard not to eat at McDonald's, and that works out pretty well… but when I do go, I normally end up getting a double quarter-pounder. That's a half pound (pre-cooked weight) of meat. With the fries and drink, that's a bit much. The single quarter-pounder, on the other hand, isn't quite enough. (This is reading like I'm a 300lb person. I'm 6'2" and 165lbs..) So this magical 1/3lb burger is like the MAGICAL in-between burger!


It's too bad The Ninja can't recommend food.

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Temporarily Disgusting Root Beer

Most of the time when I go out to eat I end up ordering a Mountain Dew to drink. It's become almost a habit, even if I don't feel like a Mt Dew (which is rare) I'll still catch myself ordering it without thinking.

Things get a bit screwy when I go to Culver's to eat though. See, Culver's has REALLY good Root Beer, and sometimes it creates a craving that even overpowers my addiction to The Dew. But 90% of the time, that first sip of Root Beer is the most digusting taste EVER! Because I'm so used to Dew coming out of a straw, unless I'm thinking "this is root beer", that first sip always registers as "this Mountain Dew is GROSS!"

Of course, by the second sip I've reached "OMG THIS RT B33R IS TEH AW3S0/V\3!"-land.
(also, note the lack of consistency when referring to Mtn Dew.)

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Robotic Fast-Food Restaurant

It's amazing.. it's the year 2009, and we still have people making food!

The recent fiasco involving the dumbasses "tampering" with food at Domino's Pizza could have been completely avoided if human employees at fast food restaurants were replaced with robots. Why aren't we all over this idea?!

Just imagine – a burger could be cooked on demand, to the perfect safe internal temperature (monitored by the cooking robot), assembled quickly, wrapped, and served all by machines! No humans to slow down or contaminate the food. Quality and speed would be virtually identical between every single burger served. Every salad served. Every chicken-whatever served.

Touch screen oder-taking kiosks could completely automate the order taking process, removing as much human error from the equation as possible. (The customer will still be able to screw things up if they're totally incompetent.) But, a human cashier should probably be on duty for people with disabilities, or kids, etc.

Maybe there could even be a scale under the platforms in front of the order kiosks to weigh customers and provide useful messages like "Are you sure you want that much food? You can't seriously blame anything on genetics ever again."

We need snarky robots!

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