I Drove A SMART Car Last Night

Wow. What an awkward little vehicle!

I drive a midsize/luxury sedan. I like my space.. and I wasn't expecting my elbow to get clobbered by both the door and the seat when I tried to do something simple like closing the door (had the seat been back farther when I got in, this probably wouldn't have happened.) The brake pedal alone is enough to skyrocket my chances of getting into an accident by 20billion%. The pedal "rolls up" towards the front of the vehicle, rather than "pushing down" like in.. EVERY single other car EVER.

Trying to accelerate felt like I was driving a manual car for the very first time. The delay as the automatic transmission shifted gears was almost painful. It was probably only 2-3 seconds, but it felt like an eternity of the engine being disconnected from the wheels.

I had joked when I first saw the key about it looking like part of a Fisher Price/Playskool set. The key has an enormous rounded plastic head that contains the Lock / Unlock / Trunk / Alarm buttons and literally looks like a toy… I hardly expected the vehicle to mirror those impressions and leave me feeling like I was driving something designed for "Ages 3+".

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