Fruit Roll-Ups Flavors

These are the current flavors of Fruit Roll-Ups, I've bolded the ones that rock extra hard.

  • Blastin' Berry Hot Colors
  • Cherry Orange Wildfire
  • Crazy Pix Cool Chix Berry Wave
  • Crazy Pix Wild Ones Blastin' Berry
  • Electric Blue Raspberry
  • Flavor Wave
  • Rainbow
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry Kiwi Kick
  • Sunberry Burst
  • Tropical Tie-Dye
  • Electric Yellow
  • Sizzlin'Red
  • Screamin'Green
  • Super Sour Lemon Drop Dead
  • Screaming Apple

Crazy Pix Cool Chix Berry Wave? Super Sour Lemon Drop Dead? I want to be on the flavor naming team!

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