Today Is "Walk Like A Robot" Day!

I think that's simple enough to understand, but the fun part is how you choose to interpret that. How do you imagine a robot walking?

Here are a few suggestions, but ultimately your robo-style is up to you.

  • Quick and jerky movements
  • Slow and deliberate like you have cheap balance sensors
  • With sound effects
  • Locked joints
  • Going around corners by turning your upper body first and following with you legs
  • Randomly stopping to do "The Robot" dance

Of course you don't want to get kicked out of wherever you are, or fired, so use your best judgment when choosing your unique robo-style.

For those of you that may want to play, but are embarrassed to go all out, here's a little suggestion – try switching the swing of your arms when you walk. Instead of swinging your right arm when your left leg goes forward, swing your left arm. It feels weird, it looks kind of robotish, and it'll help loosen you up and maybe help you progress towards some more hardcore robo-stylings later in the day.

And don't forget to beep every once in awhile.



Happy Birthday.. To Me!

Yep, somehow I've managed to survive another year.

Just once though, I'd like to have a birthday when I wasn't sick or feeling like the world was falling apart. This year isn't that bad.. still congested and achy and with a few more worries than I'd like, but nothing terribly wrong.

I have to be optimistic, otherwise I risk bringing down myself and the people that I care about.

So how bout it? Let's all work towards making the next 365 days the best we can for everyone. That's what I want for my birthday – for you to enjoy your life.

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