The Gym

One of my goals for this year (not a resolution! I hate "resolutions" – people should just call them "things I'm going to pretend I'm motivated enough to do, but ultimately won't" </rant>) is to start going to the gym. Accomplishing this goal will put me in a position to start on the next goal: losing 5-10lbs of fat, and gaining 15-20lbs of muscle – approximately. The actual target is weighing 175-180lbs and looking better.

For some damn reason though, going to the gym weirds me out, and the process (or the idea of the process) of signing up to experience that leaves an unsettling feeling in my stomach. Oh, and the money thing – yuck.

I'm setting this goal publicly on the internet (that way I have to do it. Right?) I plan on signing up for gym access before the end of this month. There. Goal set.

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