On Saturday I received an email from Dreamhost (my webhost) that they had detected an intrusion on one of their servers on Thursday night.
Passwords may have been compromised.
As a result, ALL users had their passwords reset and were forced to create new ones. I had nine users myself, so trying to come up with new passwords took a bit of time.

Sunday I received an email from one of my WordPress instances that there were new users being registered… something that shouldn't have been happening. Luckily they were unable to do anything more than that, but I spent a good chunk of the day locking things down. I changed all my database passwords (just for good measure), deleted unused users, deleted unused WordPress blogs (there were like 15 of them set up for my ebay project that has been dead for about a year now), and did a bit of extra tidying – just because.

End result: nothing was negatively affected, although I did have a few moments that one might refer to as "panic attacks".

On a much more pleasant note, I start a 13 week Tai Chi class on Thursday. 3 days! WOOOOOH!

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Hijacked Email

Last night I got to talk to a scammer. Good times.
A friend of mine had his gmail account compromised and used for the "London mugging" scam, where the scammer sends messages to friends and family claiming to have been mugged in a foreign country (I guess London is the typical location) and that they need money wired to get themselves back home.


I was also watching Breaking Bad at the time. Double ha.

Here is the conversation I had with el scammerino:

7:52 PM Brian: Hey
are you there ?
7:55 PM sparx: yes. hi!
Brian: am not too good
sparx: no? what's up?
7:56 PM Brian: I'm stranded in Manila Philippines with my family
got mugged at gun point last night
7:57 PM sparx: manila? i thought you just left for puerto rico last night
Brian: No
I was hit on the head but getting better
all cash,credit card and phone was stolen
7:58 PM sparx: did they take your wheelchair? can you still move around?
7:59 PM Brian: thank God we still have our life and passport safe
8:00 PM sparx: your wheelchair though, do you still have it? do you still have the meth you smuggled in your wheelchair's frame?
Brian: our return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills
i need your help
sparx: if you lost my meth i'll fucking kill you
Brian: yes i need your help
8:02 PM sparx: there's still an hour until the swap. there will be $80,000 in the breifcase. take out what you need to get back, i'll consider it a loan
8:03 PM *briefcase. sorry, can't spell.. got pretty pissed when i thought you lost the product
8:04 PM still there?

The chat status went idle, which is why I tossed in the "still there?" – I was really hoping I would get to play more with my new friend. 🙁

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