The Cutest Baby Hedgehog You Will Ever See

Three years ago spudart posted about The cutest baby porcupine you will ever see… it was cute, unfortunately it was not actually a porcupine. If you check out his post, you will see a picture of what was the cutest hedgehog you will ever see – until now that is.

Since the pictures are on flickr, and it's not letting me link to a thumbnail, and because I respect the photographer's copyright – I'm just going to link to the pictures, and make you do a bit of clicky-work to get at them.

Baby hedgehog being cute and scronched up

… with a smile

Completely scronched up in "Popple" mode

So there we go. I seriously doubt that spudart or anyone else can find a cuter example of a hedgehog, but feel free to try. 🙂

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