I'm an introvert. I make no attempts to portray myself any differently, and don't think I could do so passably even if I wanted.

I like people. But new people, new situations, groups of people – those sort of things are manageable for me, but stressful, and I've maintained a "comfortableness" in my life by avoiding a lot of things that I know would drain me. I think to an outsider (definitely to an extrovert, probably even to many introverts) it would look like I'm sacrificing something, or missing out on something. Maybe.
Maybe not.

Lately I've been having a harder time tuning people out. Conversations around me seem to be getting longer, louder… stupider.

I'm noticing more and more how difficult it is for people to be quiet. I don't understand this compulsion so many people have to talk, without really having anything to say. I know that as a recipient of the noise, I find it hard to concentrate, so I have begun to assume that the source of the noise is relying on their incessant speech as a way to escape having to think, or to distract from an uncomfortable void which a normal person would usually have filled with thoughts.

A couple of days ago I left work early. After a 35 minute period, of which almost 30 of those minutes involved an assault from all directions by nonsense, I had to call it a day.

"Enlightened" cultures value silence and meditation, and see their importance for both mental and spiritual health.
We are so screwed.

It's friggin' annoying, and a bit frightening.

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