Bacon On Katie

Last Tuesday we were bored.. and things happened.

It all started completely harmlessly. Kelly sent me a link to bacon taped to a cat, and then we talked about obnoxious hats. This led to the idea of taping bacon to a certain hat, which ultimately ended up seeming like far too much work. We finally concluded that Katie would be a prime candidate for bacon-taping. So the idea was proposed to Katie, where it was met with very little resistance – but since we didn't have any bacon, it was just laughed off as a humorous joke. There was a lot of laughing.

Until.. Kelly got a sandwich for lunch. With bacon. Bacon that she wasn't going to eat. I felt set-up, but I don't think there was even the slightest part of me that even thought about resisting the temptation.

I taped. Kelly took pictures. Katie.. was taped to bacon.





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