Red Vines – Licorice – Nostalgia

In the past month or so I've gone through 3 bags of Twizzlers.
Even though corn syrup and wheat flour are the main 2 things I'm trying to eliminate from my diet (and the first 2 ingredients in Twizzlers), I've let the craving get the best of me. But for some reason, some sort of nostalgia, I've been craving Red Vines, thinking that the few times I had them as a kid I preferred the flavor.

So I bought a bag.
I guess I was wrong.

I'm not sure how to describe the taste, they're sort of "Twizzlers + yuck". And the texture is almost gritty.

A quick google search leads me to believe that my nostalgia for "Red Vines" was a bit misplaced. I think what I'm remembering are actually "Super Ropes", the bigger whip-like licorice rope that came individually wrapped in crinkly plastic.

But I'm going to end this madness here and simply satisfy my craving with the tried and tested Twizzlers.


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