Last Week's Trip To The Zooooo

I promised pictures from the zoo trip.. and I think it's about time to deliver. The pictures are all gonna be teeny-tiny thumbnails, which can be clicked on for the much bigger (not necessarily better) version.

If you recall, the main point of the trip was to see Chang Tan the red panda.. who decided to sleep his way through our visit. This is the best picture that I got of him:
Red Panda - Sleeping

Unfortunately, I didn't get a usable picture of the otter. But, there are some lions, bears, cotton-topped tamarins, snakes, crocs, and even a t-rex. I'll only post a few, the rest can be explored through my flickr page.

No Puffin

The Lions

Polar Bears

Cotton-Topped Tamarins

Kelly as a T-Rex

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