Daylight Saving Time

Clock at Ogilvie
I've never really figured out how I feel about daylight saving time. It's easy to complain about those first few days, because it manages to throw my already skewed sense of time off even more.

The "extra" daylight is nice, but I can't help and wonder what would happen if we just picked a time and stuck it out. Sure, things get a bit wonky as seasons change, but I'm willing to endure that rather than having to remember to magically increase or decrease a day by an entire hour.

One habit that I've gotten into is fixing everyone else's clocks. Microwaves and stoves are prime targets during this time, along with some VCRs (you know, the ones that still display the time on the front.) This year though, everyone seems to have figured out how to do it themselves – other than my own time-keeping devices, I only had to change the time in one vehicle. Part of me is disappointed – the rest of me wants to pummel that part for being such a nerd.

The clocks here in the library still haven't been updated which always irks me because they're controlled from a central time-keeping place on campus. I'm guessing that the other buildings are all correct, but I have a feeling whoever needs to push the button to make all the clocks advance to the right time immediately is just waiting to see how long it takes for someone to call and ask nicely to put us an hour into the future.

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