McCain Is A Douchebag

What is with McCain and his McCronies and this "Obama is a celebrity!" campaign? I don't like McCain or Obama, but one thing that Obama has going for him is that he doesn't come off as a grumpy old man that stares out his window waiting to yell at kids that step on his lawn.

John McCain is a Douchebag

John McCain is a Douchebag

Obama is a celebrity!? He's running for the office of PRESIDENT of the United States of America, he'd damn well better be a "celebrity" by now. At least he's not making arrogant (and incorrect) claims like McCain is about being the "original Maverick". No, Obama's celebrityism (it's a word – promise) comes from him being likable and appealing to the public. Is the McCrony stance on this that Obama wouldn't make a good president because the world likes him more than McCain? Does Alzheimer's affect reasoning too?

Anyway – Ron Paul for President! Wooooh!

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McCain Is Not A Conservative

I really don't want to imagine "President McCain"… please make this nightmare go away!

Anyway, the last few days have been quite interesting – here's a "quick" rundown.


  • "Helped" Kelly pack
  • Slept


  • More packing
  • Waited for the movers (were supposed to be there 10-11ish.. showed up at 2)
  • Rode along to Chicago in rush hour traffic
  • Got to hold an iPass up the the windshield
  • Got stranded at a Walgreens in Chicago when Kelly's car decided to stop cooperating
  • Geico was helpful and found a repair place to take the car to and called a tow truck
  • An hour later Kelly had to call back about the tow truck
  • 10 minutes later the truck showed up
  • Rode around Chicago in a tow truck
  • Heard stories about how great it is to be a tow truck driver
  • Got to the repair place and their was no overnight lot.
  • I had to parallel park a car in Chicago (I can't parallel park very well, but Kelly was watching, so I had to do it, and do it well)
  • The car was running fine by this point, so after eating and booking a hotel room I drove around in Chicago for the first time in.. ever. (I tried to pretend I was a taxi.. I need more practice at it, but I'm off to a good start)
  • Walked around, took pictures, saw the building where spudart work
  • Drank
  • Slept


  • Met the movers and got things moved in
  • Drove to Wisconsin Rapids
  • Slept


  • Ate breakfast with Kelly's family
  • Drove to Stoughton and introduced Kelly to my family people
  • Kelly pet a chicken.. and a pig.. and dogs.. and horses
  • Kelly watched me get choked by a cat, and cause the corgi to run around in circles while growling with a toy in his mouth
  • Drove back to Fort and ate
  • Drove to Whitewater and drank
  • Slept


  • Drove through more crappy weather to drop Kelly off at the train in Harvard
  • Had flashback of really old movies
  • Tried not to cry
  • Drove back to Whitewater and did absolutely nothing
  • Slept

So.. things have been busy. Stressful. It would have been nice if things had gone more smoothly, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

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