Chase Flexible Rewards… WTF

I just redeemed 5,000 rewards points on one of my credit cards for a $50 statement credit. Not a bad deal.

Trying to score some more free money, I decided to check my Chase card and see if I qualified for anything. Nope. A $25 statement credit from Chase is 3500 points. And that's pretty lame.

Just for the hell of it, I checked the rewards program rules and found this gem:

Redemption Rules

1. A service fee of up to $25 may be charged for the use of Reward Headquarters services for point redemption. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion to determine the amount of the service fee, to waive the service fee, or to change the service fee without notice.

That's right. Once I get up to the 3,500 point limit and redeem those points for $25, Chase has given themselves the right to then charge me a $25 service fee for redeeming those points. Granted, they'd probably exercise their right to waive that fee… but… douchebags. That's all that I can think of.

I think the "flexible" part of "flexible rewards" just means they expect you to bend over when you attempt to use the program.

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A Streak of Good-Luck

Luck. It's a funny thing. A label that we give to a string of events depending on how they align with our current wants and needs.. a label that's been getting a lot of use lately in my life.

I've always been of the attitude that things will just "fall into place" and I use that phrase quite often when talking about the future and other things that I'm less than certain about. It hasn't failed me yet, in fact it's worked quite nicely. I'm feeling an urge to be a bit more proactive about things though.. not yet.. but the time for that is definitely approaching.

Right now, people, events, and free drinks are finding me as I need them. Everything is playing out at a comfortable pace, but there's definitely a slight nudge towards something more. I'm being pushed by my "luck", by fortune, to become more than what I've become comfortable with – and I welcome it. I welcome the people that are coming into my life and helping me find the path that I've been walking next to, unknowingly, for so long.

I also welcome the mistake of the Sprint rebate processors. My phone had a $100 mail-in rebate, which I made sure I sent in – not losing out on $100 off of anything. I got an email yesterday saying that my $300 rebate was approved and would be mailed soon. This might be the time for everyone to jump on my coat-tails and try to ride my luck with me.

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