Frig. Friggity. Frig

Today was kind of a suck day.
Maybe just because it was so long.

It was better than being at work though!
And I got three silver, numbered, cans of soda that say "TEST PRODUCT ONLY NOT FOR RESALE" on them. They're test flavors for the "new" Mt Dew flavor. I've only tried #493… so I can't say which I like better.

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Dear Pepsi Peoples

Dear Pepsi Peoples,

Thank you for listening and providing Mountain Dew Throwback (made with REAL sugar) as an alternative to "regular" Mountain Dew (or as it's been rebranded: "Mutton Dew") which contained nasty nasty High Fructose Corn Syrup.

The taste is different than what I'm used to, but I'm 90% certain that I prefer the taste of Throwback – even though the name "throwback" itself is entirely unappetizing.

I will be writing and mailing you a similar, but more in depth, letter soon.


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Dark Chocolate

I'll admit it – 99% cocoa dark chocolate is pretty gross. Not just the taste, but the texture as well. It's very similar to what I imagine eating mud would be like.

Between 70 and 80% seems to be the sweet spot for getting a good clean chocolate fix without "eww" ever crossing my mind. I really like the Lindt 85%, but there are times when even that seems a bit more than my tongue wants to deal with.

Also, don't try to wash the taste of almost 100% cocoa out of your mouth using Mt Dew. Not that I just found out that that's about as horrible a taste combination as you can get or anything.. no.

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