Temporarily Disgusting Root Beer

Most of the time when I go out to eat I end up ordering a Mountain Dew to drink. It's become almost a habit, even if I don't feel like a Mt Dew (which is rare) I'll still catch myself ordering it without thinking.

Things get a bit screwy when I go to Culver's to eat though. See, Culver's has REALLY good Root Beer, and sometimes it creates a craving that even overpowers my addiction to The Dew. But 90% of the time, that first sip of Root Beer is the most digusting taste EVER! Because I'm so used to Dew coming out of a straw, unless I'm thinking "this is root beer", that first sip always registers as "this Mountain Dew is GROSS!"

Of course, by the second sip I've reached "OMG THIS RT B33R IS TEH AW3S0/V\3!"-land.
(also, note the lack of consistency when referring to Mtn Dew.)

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Dear Pepsi Peoples

Dear Pepsi Peoples,

Thank you for listening and providing Mountain Dew Throwback (made with REAL sugar) as an alternative to "regular" Mountain Dew (or as it's been rebranded: "Mutton Dew") which contained nasty nasty High Fructose Corn Syrup.

The taste is different than what I'm used to, but I'm 90% certain that I prefer the taste of Throwback – even though the name "throwback" itself is entirely unappetizing.

I will be writing and mailing you a similar, but more in depth, letter soon.


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Mtn Dew?

Mtn Dew (Mutton Dew?!)
Hey Pepsi, what gives? The Mountain Dew labeling has had some stylistic changes over the past few years, including the previous font choice (which I wasn't big on at first, but I'll admit that it grew on me) – but never has it changed its name. Mtn Dew? Mutton Dew? What is that?

"Mtn" reaks so much of an attempt by marketing to "be hip" and "in with the twitter crowd" (I imagine that's how people that have no clue speak), that it comes off as exactly the opposite. "Mtn" is the hip-equivalent of an 80-year old man trying to skateboard down a railing.. and like his actual hip, it's broken. Lame.

The pointy mountains in the design are kind of neat, but there are too many of them and they look too similar.. they look too repetitive, and uninspired. The entire re-design just looks lazy.

Why not just drop the whole "Mountain" and call it "Dew"? Or is this part of a larger plan to rename "Pepsi" to "Psi", because 3 lettered words are cool?

I guess it's time to go and get a Mutton Dew from the vending machine now. *sigh*

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