New Google Reader Features

Google Taking on

Google Reader now allows you to tag and share any web page in Google Reader. The "Note in Reader" feature seems a direct replacement for – except with a much narrower social cloud.

I've actually thought about how great it would be if Google allowed me to bring non-rss items and webpages into Reader, but now that it's available it's just one more place for me to keep track of things. How do I decide whether to bookmark something in, note it in Reader, save it as an email draft in gmail, etc?

Sharing More Clearly

I don't share many articles in Reader anymore, one of the reasons I tapered off was the occassional question of "Why did you share that?" Google fixed that too. You can now add notes to shared items, allowing you to explain why the heck you shared a picture of a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Extreme Makeover

It's completely superficial, and almost didn't get mentioned, but Reader now offers the option of styling your shared items page. The available styles? Well, right now, there aren't many:

available sharing styles in google reader

No pirate theme? I, of course, chose Ninjas.

google reader shared items ninja theme style

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