Ninja Picks – Video Game Recommendations

In my rush to get Ninja Picks up and running, I forgot about a little quirk in the video game recommendations that I needed to fix. A "little quirk" that basically made all of the video game recommendations that were returned absolute garbage.

Now it's fixed though, and in the process I thought up a way to improve the relevancy of the search (right now it's overly broad for some searches), which I'll hopefully be implementing within the next couple of weeks. This will improve the book recommendations and movie recommendations as well.

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New Website – Book/Movie/Music/Video Game Recommendation THINGY

It was a VAST undertaking, requiring a few HOURS of programming, and TENS of minutes of image editing… but is almost live.

There's a bunch more tweaking, and design/layout work to do – but I envision that all being finished tomorrow… which means it'll probably be finished by Friday.

What is "Ninja Picks"? Ninja Picks is a website (that we'll pretend is) powered by a REAL LIVEstuffed teddy bear in a ninja costume. After you provide The Ninja with the title of a book, movie, game, or name of a song or bad, this incredibly powerful ninja will battle the evils of the web (mostly pirates) and return with a list of things that you might like!

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