Miniscule Cell Phone Effects

The cell phone is a relatively young technology, but one of many that has completely changed the way the world works. At first, just a novel way to allow communication anywhere at any time, it has now worked its way into the every day lives of just about everyone. What was once an expensive communication device is now in the pockets of teenagers.

And the new "smartphones" – the iPhone, Pre, Droid, etc. – allow for 24/7 access to the web, email, twitter, facebook… they put the world of information – the information of the world – within grasp no matter where you are.

But what about the smaller effects? An observation I just made today: years ago I had my pants pockets divided as such – the left pocket was for money (small bills) and loose change, and the right pocket was for my keys. For years now, in order to protect my lifeline to the world from scratches and wear, my change and keys pockets have been combined. Now when I take out my car keys, I have to make sure that a $1 or $5 bill doesn't sneak out with them, just to keep my mobile device in pristine condition.

The cell phone is such an amazing and powerful piece of technology that it has even changed how I use my pants. Incredible!