Douglas Adams Day

Douglas Adams – a brilliant man, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy", and unfortunately no longer with us. Through a coincidence that maybe only Douglas himself could see, I've decided that I must organize a tribute to him and his writing. The date – spurred by the repetition of the date for this years olympics (08/08/08) – is 10/10/10.

Why? Since 10/10/10 is just ones and zeros, and could conceivably be a binary number, I decided to convert 101010 to a "real" decimal number – the result, 42. If you've read the Hitchhiker's Guide, you'd know why this is significant and the perfect date.

I did a brief search, and no one seem to have made the link between 10/10/10 and 42 or Douglas Adams. I'm sure someone, somewhere, has – heck, there's probably a group of die-hard fans somewhere with t-shirts already made up for this… but I didn't find anything, and now I feel clever.

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It's 2008!

This will be one of those years that I'll always remember. Sure, it's just another page – the starting of a new calendar – but this one feels different.

Anyway, this first post is being written at 12:30am, because the celebrationalizing got cut a bit short.. and I'm glad. I'm absolutely exhausted.

If you've got a drink, raise it up with me and let's give a toast to the first and only 2008 that we're going to live through. With that said, I'm going to finish this post up, finish this drink off, and sleep until Wednesday.


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Brawndo… Part Duece

I realize that by posting about Brawndo that I'm buying into a viral marketing campaign.. the sort which I would normally try to distance myself from as much as possible. But.. Brawndo has electrolytes. And it'll make me win at posting! And just by reading this, you might be winning at something.

If you've been watching things though, you may know that the roll-out date for the sugary goodness is Dec 15.. just 2 days from now. Turns out it's been for sale at various outlets for some time now, including my favorite online source for goodies – Thinkgeek.

We're going to have to plan a Brawndo party.. which will probably include more booze than Brawndo. If you're in the south-eastern Wisconsin area, drop a comment and I'll put you on the guest list. 🙂

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